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Carnage Collectors is a family friendly alliance looking for a few new members!


Do you have a small crew that would like to be in the same Alliance? Been turned down because no one wants to make slots for your clan? Maybe you are a solo player looking for a nice environment to enjoy the game? You might have found a new home. We have a few members that have tired of the game and are leaving so that will leave some open slots.

We have a discord and request that at least one member of the family unit join so we can communicate. Send me a PM or reply to this post about your needs and I’ll send you an invite. Then stop on in to the Discord and see if we are the alliance you have been looking for before joining. Not required that you be a family unit, we have young and old singles also.

What we offer:

Family friendly chat. No profanity or nastiness. Be pleasant or be gone. We can have little ones reading the chat. Actually, in-game chat is pretty quiet, we mostly use the discord to communicate. Just keep it clean.

Most of us are US based, east to west coast so those are core hours. We do have a few across the pond folks who work the night shift. They do not chat much so if you like it quiet, those are your times.

All requests may not get maxed out, especially if you request arena only DNA. Hey, we are all working on those so you might pull blanks on Irratator! If you do need a fuse or two we usually dig deep to help though. State your case in the discord and we all do pull together for those requests. We do not expect anyone to ‘give until it hurts’, that is ridiculous. We are also not going to build your team for you. We do not have an everyone gives a click rule or anything like that. Donate what you have to spare, that is what we all do. We find if you donate as much as you receive, it works pretty smoothly. We do have a park only player who can be generous with that particular hard to find one.

Missions we are doing 5/3. We can live with that. Daily incubators are our hold back or we could get to 5/4. Although… If we get a Rank 4 or 5 Epic quest, we might be done right there. None of us live anywhere near to L5.

Afternoons and evenings (using EDT) you can always get a friendly or 12 if you need or want one. Once you get to know the group you will recognize who are the ones that we always let win. And not all of them are the little ones! LOL If you had a losing day and want to hit the sack on a better note, we can give you a few to help.

No trophy requirements, just be active daily as much as possible. We know real life can get in the way of having fun but you should be dedicated enough to battle and get that daily incubator. We enjoy the game and put no trophy advancement pressure on anyone. We have some 5000+ players and some 3-digit players with most somewhere in-between. Myself, I am happy at around 4100 trophies. Been here since early in the game with no aspirations to go anywhere else. I just keep adding to the stable in that range.

So, if you are looking for a family friendly alliance where no one is going to give you grief for having a level 23 Nunda or a level 25 Apato, we might be for you. Drop me a PM or reply to this post here with your family requirements.


I’m already in an alliance but I want to wish you luck! :grinning:

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Thank you!

We have seen a few posts from others looking for an Alliance like ours so we talked and settled on opening a few slots to new players.

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Where’s @wrothgar ?


He is enjoying the game at a more relaxed pace. Y’all are still battling him up there, but he is not pounding it like he once did. Family first. I can say this has made him much happier.

I am sure he would send greetings to all and I will mention you asked about him.


Good luck mate.


Come to Carnage collectors: the best alliance!


Thank you. We do not want to give a false perspective of the Alliance. I read some of the posts where they promise to give as much DNA as requested or they are super competitive, or only certain trophy ranges need apply, low producing members are booted and all that. We are in it to have fun and do not mind letting the less active, younger players have a slot along with their adults. Although… We do need those daily incubators!!!

Sure, we would like to hit rank 5 on both every single week!! Yeah, we would like to be able to request Irratator and have it maxed twice a day!! But we all have real lives… most of them do, I’m retired so have a lot of time for playing.

We have competitive players and we have recreational players. But when push comes to shove, we can pull together and slam out whatever is required on a mission to complete it. Need 1,000 battles because all other missions on the rank are completed? We go into battle mode until it is completed. 5,000 more darts fired? We hit the trail to fire them off.

We want a place where you can let your child play and not worry about what they might read on the chat. Leave the Discord open and no worries if a young’un reads ours.

Just be dedicated enough to complete your daily missions regularly and spend some time helping complete other missions. We all have days missions might not be able to be done, we know that and are not going to boot anyone for having a life.


Plus, some of us cough like to study statistics in the game and share our findings. Some of us cough make lame youtube videos for the alliance. Some of us cough make graphics and work on projects for the alliance. And some of us cough try their very best to come up with strategies to beat the hard epic towers for lower level players! Its a fun alliance and super helpful to newer players!


Yes, we do have math guys and strategists.

Some folks like to keep percentages and work out how we can complete missions effectively. Strike tower help is available if the forum advice does not fit your team. I have had excellent luck with the posts here, but some lower level folks need team specific plans and different strategies.

We started Rank 4 Exploring late last night or this morning, and also finished Rank 2 Defense today. We look good to go making our 5/3 on alliance missions.

And I am almost back to wasting Stego DNA. Maxed storage again at level 20+, yet I need to dart it for mission count.


And we have cough cheerleaders to help remind you which task we need to complete next! Go team! :boom:


If I didn’t have my own that the hubby created I would have joined this great group long ago. Say hi to Wrorhgar and ask him if he is still smiling :slightly_smiling_face:

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He wishes his friends here well.

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Tell @wrothgar my son and I said hello!

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My regards to Wrothgar as well!

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He isnt coming back :confused:


With some new members we are now a 5/4 Alliance. We even pulled together for an 80,000 Epic mission. This week’s strike events sure did help there.

We are at 50/50 capacity now but if you are interested let me know. As with anything, young folks tire of games and we would expect to regularly have a few openings as they move on to the latest and greatest. We still have a great core group who do enjoy the game and would always consider new family units.

Good luck everyone with this week’s missions!