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Carnage collectors is open for business!


Young or old, collector or competitive (or competitive collector!), chatty or quiet - we welcome all.

We just ask that you are kind, and that you donate. Seeing unfulfilled donations feels bad.

Please also rotate your donations. For example, dont request trex gen 2 today and again tomorrow. This way we can hopefully allow everyone to get some nice dna :slight_smile:

We plan to be laid back and family friendly. Kids can come too, so long as parents help them donate.

Post if here if you have questions!


Request sent!
Thank you



I am having trouble getting my family over, i request to join, i see the notification, but theres nothing to accept…


Request sent.
Username: Sam


Welcome aboard! We are small but growing :slight_smile:


The darn chat is soooo buggy. Im sorry if im missing messages all :frowning:


Team - if you feel comfortable please post here what you would like to request. Maybe we can coordinate our efforts a bit :slight_smile:

Ill be requesting tarbos probably.

What about you? Ill try to farm it.


I’m not in an alliance, i’ll send a request.


Thoradolosaur will be long-game for me, so I can spare some tarbos for ya.

I’m working on utarinex and tuoramoloch.

I have lots of gallimimus too. If I ever manage to get enough monolophosaurus to create monomimus, I probably won’t fight with it.


Good luck with your Alliance @wrothgar!


Thank you my friend :slight_smile:


Hey Carnage Collectors!

L4 Park hunter here. I have lots of all the park spawns Stego, Apato, Ankyl 2, Velo, Tarbo, Nunda…

Let me know what you’d like to dump in trade and I will request that. I like to have a variety of the stuff no one wants. Makes for interesting battles. I can take it off your hands.


Request sent in game name Kiros


I live in L3 and work in L3. So I got plenty of diplocaulus if you guys need any. :wink:


@wrothgar we got a full house now. Should we possibly start keeping up with who is active and who isn’t so there isn’t slots being wasted?


Good idea! I will try to do that. Ill check throughout the day and note who logs in.


We are full all, as has been noted. Thanks for your interest!

In the spirit of full disclosure, i created the alliance to:

  1. Be with my family
  2. Be with kind hearted individuals like my family :slight_smile:

They, like you and me, are encouraged to both request whatever they want (my 6 and 9 year olds cant hunt, for example, not with any consistency) and donate whatever they want.

They are:

Foolisheel (currently unable to play, can play next week)
Black fairy
Zomgwtfounded (likely leaving soon)

I hope no one plays favorites, and we all try to be kind.

If at any time any of you like to leave I simply ask you let us know. We can part friends :slight_smile:

Its been working great so far, so keep it up!!!


I made a few graphics for the group. This is the one I settled on for the discord icon.


Nice, I love it!!! Thank you!!


Great graphic and great people! Good luck with your new alliance! May it thrive and grow! :slight_smile: