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Carnage Collectors looking to merge w/smaller alliance

Carnage Collectors started out last year as a family friendly alliance that consistently got 5/4 on missions. Over time, through attrition and evolution of the game, as well as some incompatible at times philosophies amongst members, we’ve slowed down considerably and shrunk.

We had all the weight going on a few people.

Not good.

We still don’t have a perfect answer to that - but we are trying to rebuild.

We are looking for about 15-20 active members who will join discord and be active. I like to battle, but most of our alliance doesn’t. I hate to dart. I also have 4 kids accounts that aren’t very active, and your requests will rarely be filled.

That said, we are a friendly group of folks who still enjoy playing this game. Send me a PM if you want to merge with us (or join.)

Not the most glowing recruitment post - but honest.


NoGutsNoGlory gets lvl 3 sometimes 4 on only 10 daily active members. All others just sit there and play every once in a while or only join to get the rewards. We have a “mandatory Discord” policy where no dna will be donated unless new members join it. Unfortunately this results in them joining discord but not bothering to keep up with it. Our Discord server is manned 24/7 due to international members and well equipped, keeping up with the alliance status (and strategy’s), tournaments and events. We also have a gameplay and question channel. All personal, no bots. So, you and all of your active members are more than welcome to join us. I’ll gladly kick the less or non active members for you to join.

Let me know!


Club FAT Fuze another 10 just went thru similar. We are sitting around 27 members now so we may have too many but if you want to add me as a friend and keep in touch we can. Good luck filling out your team. We are in same boat.

I pmd you as well

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Is NoGutsNoGlory still looking for members?

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