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Carnage Collectors recruiting

Carnage Collectors have recently purged the non active players out of our alliance. We now have space for 22 players. If you’re active and looking for a family friendly active alliance, please let me know. We currently hit ranks 3/3 but we’re looking to improve that. We have a discord for communication and organization. Help us make Carnage Collectors great again! Hope to see you in the alliance soon!

such a great name too :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::star_struck:

Wanna join the team? :wink::smirk:

I am an active player, although not the best. As long as you don’t mind if I don’t join discord, Ill be happy to come and help. MY current alliance has died :frowning:

I guess I could use the Discord for messaging, etc.

I’ll message you

We’ve had a few people join but We’re still recruiting. Still got plenty of space. If you’re not in an alliance, or in an alliance that isn’t active, come on over to Carnage Collectors.

Commenting so this returns to the top for players to see. There’s still room for players looking for an active alliance.