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Carnage Collectors recruitment drive


With the recent change to the boost meta we have had some long-standing members go dormant. We are sad to see our solid Alliance lose them. But we need to keep up with the times and are looking for new active members.

We are a family friendly Alliance; singles and old fogies welcome also. We are a solid 5/4 Alliance even with dormant members, we have a great core group. Looking to get out of you crumbling Alliance? Perhaps we are what you are looking for.

We are pretty laid back and enjoy the game for what is it, entertainment. We are not super competitive but you can always get a friendly battle or 12 if you need them. Requests might not always max out but folks should be out hunting for their DNA anyway, it is a supplement not a source. If you need that last fuse or two, state your case and I bet you get what ya need. When we have the dreaded Rank 4 Rare mission, we all Request Eina and expect new members to do the same.

We are not believers in rules, but times dictate that we institute a few. We feel they are common sense and nothing too stringent.
One member of the family unit must join our Discord. It is not the dark web, it is not complicated, it is mobile friendly, easy to use and free. If you can text you can Discord. If you have troubles reading it on the phone, like I do, it works on your home computer also. With the in-game chat being all but useless, this is necessary for communication. Our Discord is family friendly: No profanity, no flaming, no politics, no religion, no nastiness. Be pleasant or be gone. I keep hearing there are cookies but have yet to find where they keep them.

Do your daily missions. This should be a no brainer for anyone who is playing, but for whatever reason some folks forget that this is part of the game. Yeah, you might miss a few but they do not take a lot of effort to accomplish.

We are not asking everyone to compete for top contributor but we have a few members that would be challenging to try to beat. Do you think you have a lot of takedowns, spin a ton of drops or toss way too many darts? Stop on in and find out.

Daily incubators are every Alliances Achilles heel. Progression is dependent on members having them ready for the lower Ranks. We expect members to contribute by battling enough to open them. Being on the discord helps us coordinate and we can Rank up quickly so we have the rest of the week to casually finish it up. Have troubles dealing with the boost meta? We have a support group to help talk you through that.

That’s it. I can send a discord invite if you would like to scope us out before leaving your old Alliance. Stop in, chat and help me find them cookies everyone talks about!!

2 open spots?

Your alliance sounds like a great fit for my husband and I

Two open spots it is. I believe we have 6 or 7 inactives.

We will send requests now

Names are Alyssa and marc