Carnivores Should Have More Unique Models/Animations

The game’s roster is practically filled to the brim with them and seeing them in action (which you will) every time got old fast. So many are stuck with the generic T-rex theropod model and some having the spinosaur model look awkward and don’t even fit the species at all (cough Ceratosaurus cough). The raptors are great. The dilophosaur and synapsid model is fine and unique since so few creature’s in-game even use them.

But man. The standard theropod model is sooooo generic. It only looks good on T-rex and makes everything else just another weaker or stronger T-rex.

Look at the Indoraptor and Scorpius Rex model/animations. Sure they’re hybrids but they demonstrate awesome potential and variety. Not all theropods should act and move exactly like T-rex. I’m just saying.


We have told that a million times to ludia