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Carno and sucho in zone 3

What is carnotaurus and suchomimus doing in zone 3? Am I missing something ?

Carno is this week’s pursuit dino.

And now a spinosaurus, what’s going on ? Until this morning I have been living in zone 3, don’t bring zone 4 creatures in here

They could’ve changed the spawns a bit. I haven’t seen anything out of the ordinary in zone 2 tho.

It’s very weird. At work (L2) I was flooded with all park spawns and saw an Allosaurus. Even rares. Now, back home in L3 everything seems normal again. Haven’t seen anything that doesn’t belong here.
There was also no official migration, and according to Gamepress’s datamine, nothing should be changed apart from some spawn rates.

So far a suchomimis and a rare spinosaurus, I get l it about carno but even the argentinosaurus which I usually get at least 3 times a day hasn’t showed up… I’ll wait

I saw 1 argentino in L3, luckily they haven’t migrated away! Phew!

I saw an Echo in L4, and an Allosaurus and an Edmontoguanodon, but these may just be nests. There was a post office near Echo, a bakery (shouldn’t it be restaurant?) where Allo spawned, and a bank where Edmonto spawned.

There was an in game announcement about updated map infrastucture and needing feedback to improve experiences in your neighborhood. wonder if that has anything to do with it.

Well as long as they don’t remove the rare zone 3 which I like , I can deal with the new additions, no diplocaulus now wich is totally weird but I like it .:grimacing:

I had a tarbo spawn at a chipshop lol, not even a restaurant.