Carno Hybrid


who here wants to see this? I was thinking carno x protoceratosaurs

That thing would be epic


I can’t be the only one who calls it a carne-asada-saur


Carnotaurus + Pyroraptor

Carno + Spinotahraptor

Carno + Megalosuchus

Carno + Epic Rex

Carno + Spino Gen2

Carno + Epic Baryonyx

(The list of possibilities is staggering)


I feel that before any hybrid happens, they really need to buff the Carno. In real life, that thing was friggin’ scary! It had a top running speed of nearly 40 mph, and slammed into its prey with its jaws open, hacking out huge chunks of flesh. Where the Tyrannosaurs dominated the Northern Hemisphere, Carnotaurus and the other Abelisaurs dominated the Southern Hemisphere. These guys were apex predators.

So why not make the stats reflect this - not just for the Carno, but for the Raja and Majunga as well… After all, they were Abelisaurs too.


LOL too late. The early Stegosaur called Sceleidosaurus - it’s name basically means “roast beef lizard”. Maybe because the way in which the fossils were preserved make it look like an overdone roast - burnt ends and all.

Science got to it before you did. LOL


in JWTG there is Carnoraptor, Carnotaurus+Pyroraptor


It would still work here, is my point. Just because JWTG has it isn’t why I added it. I hardly played JWTG, tbh. But there are so many possible combinations that would make our Carnos a force to be reckoned with.


Carno was a fierce predator but was relatively small compared to Rex as was lyth and maju. Gorgosaur was close to Rex but most of the large carnivores in the game were much smaller, even Spino was longer but comparatively lightly built (except in JP where is was exaggerated for plot reasons). I would say Carnos stats are fair with exception to speed… There it probably does deserve a buff


BUT… Look at the distribution of Abelisaurs and Tyrannosaurs. There were no Tyrannosaurs in the Southern Hemisphere. That niche was taken by the Abelisaurs. The damage and speed need to be buffed. They may have been mid-sized, but they had speed and could do quite a bit of damage.

There were other large predators in the Southern Hemisphere, like Carcharodontosaurus, Mapusaurus, and Giganotosaurus, but they weren’t as numerous as the Abelisaurs and only filled a particular niche.

Size isn’t everything, it’s how you use it to your advantage.


Lyth, Gorgo, Tarbo, Proceratosaurus… All Tyrannosaurs.

Maju, Raja and Carno… Abelisaurs.


Yes please lol


Carno+tarbo would be great the 1st counter atack with pircing moves +ight critical %
Expose weakness
Pearcing impact
2 turns 50% shield
Cleasing impact
20% critical
107-110 speed


Carnotaurus should get a speed buff for sure first before any hybrids
Carno+diplotator would look like a total monster
Carno+suchotator would be pretty devastating with bleed and counter attack
Carno+stgyi would be interesting in looks and set
Carno+tany could be the least OP version of carnoraptor they could make


Carno + Stygi? A bitey stun-spammer? Did you hit your head a bit too hard or something? Stygi’s not good on its own, to begin with. The rest of your ideas were good @DinoMaster3000, but that one… woooo!


That one seems a bit too useless.


If they did it right, the Carno + Tarbo idea would be a friggin’ pit bull! Good one, @Rctuga!


Carno and tenotosaur… Carnonosaur


Keep trying. It’s a valiant attempt, but somehow a hybrid of Carno and an iguanodontid just… lacks punch somehow…

How about a hybrid of Carno and “Zombiesaurus”? That one would be seriously wicked. Or Carno and Diorajasaurus? That’s like Godzilla on steroids.


Mostly just for the look lol though now that I’m considering it impact&run and instant charge don’t function right with a counter attacking dino like carno so just ignore that one
Carno+Purussaurus would be another that would be very strong, especially if it retained ferocious impact
I do think they are waiting to give it a hybrid until they have more Dino’s in the game. Maybe we’ll get a Carnotaurus/giga or carno/sauropelta hybrid down the line.
Of Dino’s we could potentially get in the future which do you think would be the coolest fuse with carno?


Carno and Giganotosaurus would be a monster!