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Carno is tired of being left out

I’m really of the fence if I should level it up (can level it up to level 20) and add it on my team after all he is my favourite Carnivore.

My view and it’s my opinion level him up above your team level or stop at 20. Try him on you team in friendlies. See how you feel about his fit first.

For the record mine is 18 because coins for him are not a priority. But unless he gets a hybrid soon he will get taken as high as possible.

Is he on your team? if yes do you find him useful?

He is always on and off. Yes I find him very useful. He is great to open with (especially) after tournament ends and droppers start (most people go oh great another dropper) then bam you roll in with your other heavy hitters.

He is good opening to bleeders as he has counter and cleanse. Also good to bring in against a bleeder.

Of course this is to say it’s understood his roll involves him dying on one dino.

Basically you use him in to get your opponent dino low enough on health so that your next dino can kill with ease and no damage. This works well with swap in Dino’s.

I told one of my team members that I use him his response was

“And you win”

My response was

“Look at my trophies” at the time I was at 3499 and ranked 5th in alliance with the top 4 being high 4k range

My other longer response is being reviewed

I wish the extinction event was delayed so we can see arm-less Abelisaurids.

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I levelled him till level 17 (need more coins) now I shall see :slight_smile:

Funny you mention that about T-Rex and the arms being vestigial!

I was just reading an article the other day with a (relatively speaking) newer theory that their arms were have been pretty good slashing weapons themselves, esp for juvenile members of the species.

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I read that article and heard about the theory.

I mean, it’s a known fact that Rex has quite powerful arms, but with a bite force of 3-4 tons, it is not really a good or needed weapon.

Especially if you compare it with actually useful arms, like what Giganotosasaurus, Allosaurus, Baryonyx, Spinosaurus, Acrocanthosaurus has.

I admit vestigal could be a hyperbole, but even without arms a Rex would do just fine.

The arms aren’t useless.

They entertained carno. He would swing them around like a bored kindergardener in line… Or like a drunken frat boy



Ohoho that’s lovely

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How about sucoconator

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Omg, I never noticed carnos little stubby arms before! Now I can’t stop laughing. That’s adorable.

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