Carno needs a global spawn

Carnotaurus has 3 hybrids and a s hybrid that require his dna so he needs a global spawn


100 percent, has the most hybrids in the game so it shud also be in the hybrid showcase week if it already wasn’t. Like the global spawn point tho is indisputable, when u have like gorgonops with 1 hybrid, sure its new… but still doesn’t mean it needs to be more available than this 6-headed monster

Definitely! Two UNIQUE hybrids at that. Should really be global, or at least in one of the locals to make it easier to hunt. Having to hunt it only on friday every week sucks imo

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I find it outright hilarious that plenty of creatures have a Gen2 version, we got our first Gen3, but Carnotaurus has just the one version with so many hybrids, including multiple uniques and many are new, powerful dinos. It’s a fun job trying to get enough dna to make these lvl30!

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Arctops has a hybrid and a SHybrid and is exclusive

No, Carno has three hybrids and THREE superhybrids, so it ABSOLUTELY should be a global spawn


Takes over 280,000 DNA for all of its superhybrids if my calculations are correct :sweat_smile: