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Carno Strike Startegy

I used a level 20 Velo, 20 Dracocera, 20 Indom (unused), and 23 Quetzorion (used, but it was for safe measures)

Use velo, pounce, get SV’d, swap to Draco, fail stun, attack and die, go back with velo and pounce, die, and use Quetzorion to finish the job.

You can do this with a level 20 Velo, 15 Draco G2, and possibly something else that is either faster or breaks shields, preferably Indominus. Pounce, swap to draco, break shield and die, pounce, die, cloak, rampage and that should be it.

I beat it, so I’m not sure if that works. Share your strategies!

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lvl 20 alosino(1hp boost) lvl 19 monolometro(one atk boost, one hp boost) and you can through anything else in there

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I used indoraptor indominus rex and drakoscartops to win

My Thor ate it in two bites :grimacing: Almost thought this strike was some sort of a mistake or yet another bug. 15k and 3 attempts for a fat Carno with low attack… o_O

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It had some crazy stats for only being level 8!!


I have there is one of these every day

Gemini lvl 23…unboosted…thats it. It didn’t even feel like a boss strike

Indoraptor boosted xd

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lol I just used my level 18 unboosted monolometrodon and won just using it! And after that as a reward, i got enough erlikosaurus to finally unlock erlidominus!


i thought it was a nice joke. i’ve heard people call the carno in the smilon raid “the real boss”


Honestly I didn’t even look at the stats I thought it was just a trike event where you start with one the two then three dinos it want till my Gemini died before it. Luke finish it off that I was lik oh…the just brought in tryko and went in with an impact it was dead after that

We need more of these easy boss fights. It was fun.


All you really need is a monometri

Immune to declaration and vulnerable so first attack is only a cleanse and 751

Can break through shield and is resistant to distraction

Cleansing strike just bare with it

Rendering counter
You are like super resistant to it

I also used a bit of help from erlkiogamma with only a pounce and speedup than its dead

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My Utasinoraptor took her down on her own. Then again, she takes most things down in these strike events on her own…

Ngl it was pretty funny to see that health bar. Really thought it was a mistake for a level 8 to be the sole dino in a strike event. Then that HP bar showed up.

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18 slightly boosted Tryo. That was all.

I used a low level approach, indom g2 level 15 starts out with mf, then cloak to wait out its shield, then rampage. Indom barely survives and a swap to a draco-rat kills carno

I just used my Minilla (aka baby Godzilla) against the Carnotaurus & easily won!! I was given some legendary Spinoynx DNA as my #1 reward.

Lol ya let’s not mention him gives me bad memories


lol, I know what you mean

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But why go thru all that hussle & bussle & trouble tho. I’m mean I understand that it’s an epic 1 chance ONLY strike tower & all but seriously it’s ONLY a level 8 for Pete’s sake :joy::hugs::sweat_smile::wink: it’s not like it’s one of the end all, be all max lvl 30 “Endgame Creatures” or anything. :clap:t2::hugs::100::handshake::+1:t2: I’m just particularly glad that it wasn’t his grandfather twice removed: “Universal Tier Lord Lythronax” at max lvl 30 for that epic strike tower. Man on high knows my stress levels wouldn’t be able to handle him or that cheating UniverseTier Level G.O.A.T. ever again!! :100::100::rofl::joy::sweat_smile::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::crazy_face: