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The Carno strike tower was pretty easy but it gave me excitement for what Carnotaurus could be. As a rare dino, it’s pretty wimpy. It’s not useful in rare tournaments. Basically just an ingredient for purrutaurus. And as it is my favorite dino, that’s pretty depressing. To make Carno useful, you don’t even have to change any of its stats. Just give it the moveset that it has in today’s strike tower. Boom! Instantly makes it a good rare creature. Not over powered since it doesn’t have great stats, but useful in tournaments! Give carnotaurus the moveset below.


They could add Toro to the game as a Legendary with that moveset


I would really like to see a gen 2 epic version of the carno with that exact moveset, just with a little more attack than its predecessor


if they were to add toro, I’d love for it to be a legendary or epic, and would it just be a regular carno but with the scar and burn wounds?
@UserCarlos And if there were a carno gen 2 epic, it would 100% need to have a cloak with the 2x damage thing, to pay respect to the lost world novel, IMO


I think I’d prefer camouflage over cloak. It just fits with that moveset better.


Who’s toro?

The Camp Cretaceous Carno.


a carnotaurus with a scar on its snout, one of the main villains in camp cretaceous who
SPOIER:got burnt to a crisp in an explosion caused by the kids and somehow managed to survive and pulled a JP rexy roaring pose

You could have put spoiler warnings D:

oh, uhhh, sorry about that. It has been fixed
sorry dimo and others

I was actually thinking exactly the same thing. Plus, the strike tower Carnos kit is actually a wild card kit. It would explain where Purutaurus and Carnotarkus got their distraction from.

I’ve always believed that purrutaurus should’ve had ferocious impact over instant distraction. It hasn’t inherited anything from purrusaurus. Except now it shares No Escape. But before that was introduced, they had nothing in common.

I think instant distraction benefits them more because of how it allows them to stall out a turn (damaging with their counters), but I definitely see what you mean.

Carnotarkus having Instant Distraction always made sense because Wuerhosaurus had it, but Purutaurus not so much.