Carnoraptor Concept

Carnotaurus + Pyroraptor
Rarity: Legendary
Health: 3500
Damage: 1000
Speed: 129
Critical: 10%
Armor: 0%


(I would replace Short Defense for Pounce but imagine it charging at you with those small arms :joy:)

I would love to have some type of visual but since I suck at drawing, imagine a dark red colored Pyroraptor with small arms and small horns with a small head. Something in those lines. What’s your opinion? Any changes? Would you use this dino in your team?

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Yeah but carnoraptor from jwtg looks awful, like almost all the other hybrids from that game.


I’d imagine it’d be a slower raptor to compensate for having counter attack, especially defense shattering. Probably 125-126 like utahsino
I think it’d even be fine to have the vulnerability strike from carno, it’s a raptor after all and probably wouldn’t last too long to have multiple setups. I’d use it on my team for sure, nice job!


Cannot agree more, Stegoceratops looks more of a bull boi more then a triceratops

You mean this guy?



I actually checked if it was in game

I like giving myself stuff to do on my computer. Photoshop is my best friend.

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you’re great with it, I could never do something creative as that :joy:

It’s not difficult. Just takes patience.

I would like to see a carnotaurus hybrid of some sort. I think it’s one of the coolest looking dinos on the game but it’s unusable as is.

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Ive made a meme about but it was moderated almost instantly for no reason (i also checked the guidelines and the tos to see if It was against the rules, It wasnt offensive, nothing).

If only I had the knowledge how to make my own models for dinosaurs, i’d definitely make a model to go along with the stats.