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Carnoraptor substitute

Every always works for pyroraptor the unlockable dinosaur putting lots of resources in prize drops doing rarity rumble buying Mack’s that has a chance of giving me pyroraptor or even buying it with real money! If your are tired of this metrialong could be your new best friend as his stats are almost identical to pyroraptor’s. So if you lvl 40 Guanlong and metrionychus then he is your pick. (Not to mention that amazing coin production that is better than some tournament legendary hybrids!)

Both dinosaurs used to make spinoraptor are unlockable. And if u don’t wanna waste db,dna and food. Thannu can just get him using the modded PvP battles. It has better stats than pyroraptor. A bit less balanced but he is still pretty usable.

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Metrialong is way too expensive.


Also locked super rares are harder to get than locked rares. I have dimetrocarnus and I still haven’t maxed metriornynchus yet. Also metrialong has no shybrid


Metrio is out of rotation(not unlockable) just like Pyroraptor, but is an ultra rare compared to Pyro being a rare so typically more difficult to get.
Also Pyroraptor is a base piece of a super hybrid Dimetrocarnus so much more valuable as the game progresses.
Like @Indoraptor08 I already have Dimetrocarnus and have yet to get Metrio to lvl 40.


Carnoraptor has a lower cool down time also I believe because he’s a lower rarity.

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