Where is the carnoraptor? It would be interesting to have a raptor with shield and passive counter-attack ability would be very good to see.


We got too much hybrids raptor, don’t you think?


I’d say yes but we already have like 8+ raptor hybrids and it sounds op
Maybe as a separate fuse option for spinotahraptor?
Whatever carno goes to I just hope it looks awesome. Like Carno+Dilo, Suchotator, or Gryposuchus. Guarantee one of those would look great and be pretty useful set wise


dis is my abillity adea of carnoraptor.

(pyroraptor x carnotaurus)
Legendary hybrid

speed: 126
armor: 0%
crit: 5%


distracting impact


short defence

counter attack (passive)


I know we already have many raptor but I would not mind adding new hybrids including the raptor, and with the nef they have had we do not see many in the arenas, usually every player has only one on his team or none


I really liked raptors before this game… now I hate them :smiley:


I like them again :smiley:
Just recently in the arena I ran into an opponent who apparently still used a raptor-based team. My tanks busted them hard ^^