Carnosaur VS Lake Placid

Hey folks this is my first post in a while I don’t go on here much, because I was busy with a lot of things lately.

Anyway if anyone’s fond of any movie that has a versus in the title such as Freddy VS Jason or King Kong VS Godzilla then I thought using the AR in JWA this could work for something outside of Jurassic Park territory Carnosaur VS Lake Placid.

As you know Carnosaur appeared before Jurassic Park but due to biochemicals eggs were contaminated and a pack of raptors and T-rex carried that virus, and many people ended up quarantined and killed. As for Lake Placid it has giant crocodiles in a lake called Black Lake, the only crocodilians I have close to a modern crocodile is sarcosuchus and purrosaurus to use in AR.

Do you think this idea for a fan film work?

Let me know in the comments below