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Carnotarkus and Purutaurus

I think this guy should get a buff and different attack as Purutaurus have the same moves as Carnotarkus and has the same health the same speed and only 100 attack more
Ludia please do something


I’m also confused why Purutaurus got No Escape but Carnotarkus didn’t. Isn’t that the reason why Purutaurus got No Escape? Because it uses Purussaurus DNA? So does Carno, so it should get it too. Like how Megalosaurus got Decelerating Counter, but Meg stayed untouched for some reason.


It is safe to say Purutaurus is better, that’s why I like it so much. I even had it overleveled and on my team once.

Purutaurus is your weird crocodilian Carno-Indoraptor thing, and they did mention No escape was added to only crocodilians. Sure, even if Carnotarkus has Purru DNA, it’s still typically a stegosaurid.


As for speed, Purutaurus should have a speed buff, since it shares same physique as Indoraptor, so I think it’s supposed to be faster.
Leave Tarkus’ speed as it was

As for health Tarkus should definitely get a health buff.
Other than that, they both are pretty good.


I have a Carnotarkus in my team at Level 27 I am planning to boost the health to tier 20 :slight_smile: don’t forget that tarkus have a 20% armour too.

I feel like it is a evil carnoraptor like evil fluffy

You mean Evil Toast lol🤣

Tarkus needs No Escape! Please Ludia, give this horned cow a little love … :cow2::blue_heart:

Using Thyla and a creature with “No Escape” is a deadly combination, I miss that! :no_entry_sign::skull_and_crossbones:

Id rework the whole purataurus bcuz its kit takes absolutely NOTHING form puru but the passive. No skills from it, no armor. But design in my opinion.

Next update ludia please buff Carnotarkus and your better not Nerf Purutaurus and say that it’s balanced

The problem is while purrasaurus is faster by like two speed

While carno issssss carno what else can ya say

So it more like of combination or like compromise of the two

I mean the problem is too much health especially for a counter attacker

For instance this is wue’s health, if given that sorta of buff…tarkus would take down anything in the game in three turns no matter what. You have to make compromises consider it’s a acounter attacker that what counterers who have more health have to either rely on there own attack (dioraj, dsungaia, tryko) or have a lower counter (grypo)

Wow the more Ludia should fix it please ludia

It’s doesn’t need fixing it’s fine

Both of the are

Y a hybrid is slower than it’s parents

There is a lot of hybrids slower than their parents

Funny thing is, Carnotaurus was actually one of the fastest dinosaurs ever, It was built to be a runner. We could say It was the cheeta of dinosaurs.


Lol ya a cheetah that chased the antelope know as the ornithopods

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But it also had one of the weakest bite I believe for a predator it’s size and had the small arms of any dinosaur