Carnotarkus appreciation thread

I love this gal. She’s amazing. I just wish I had enough DNA to keep leveling her further.

And the best one so far (for me):

Anyone else got pics of their Carnotar? Show me. I wanna see some high levels in there too.


I have been a total Wuerhosaurus shill ever since Raptor Meta, and it hurt to have to swap it off of my team and leave it behind… When I found out it was finally getting a hybrid I’m pretty sure I squee’d :joy:

This hybrid recently got swapped back onto my team, replacing Stegod, and I hope it’s there to stay!



Here’s mine :muscle:

Big thanks to my alliance for all the DNA. Would be no where near this level if it wasn’t for them.

Here she is taking on a Dracocera. When you get that shield it normally means bad news for the opposing dino.




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I love the spiky cow, wish I had enough dna to create it :rofl:
She sure is strong, but after seeing the tier list I noticed she is in the same tier as Puru. Honestly she has a perfect moveset, all she needs is a little more HP.


I want one of these so bad, but don’t have enough Wuerhosaurus DNA…

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Am trying to bring it into my team, currently still lvl19 whereas my team range is 24 to 27 and boosted, so still some way to go. It’s always handy to have more than 1 counter dino :smile:

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I’m 40 DNA from getting this on my 2nd account to add to my growing pool of creatures to play.

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What do you think I should do?

I overleved purrutaurua before Carnotakus announcement and even gave her some boost on health and attack (tier 4/5).

Is Carnotakus a big difference from what I have now? purrutaurus has come with me even further than I could thought (+5300) but… I just want to test more dinos and variety even If I am not as competitive as before.


I’ve got my Carnotarkus to lvl 20 finally, it’s certainly a long struggle to get the dna. I absolutely love it. I prefer the look of Puru, but Carno has the armour with it.

I would prefer Carnot to have cleanse like Puru instead of SS though. But Carnot does have higher base attack than Puru.

Currently I have both Carnot 20 and Puru 21 on my team, although Puru will be coming off when I get something new. Carnot, with the armour can be very useful for swap-in tactics even though it has no swap-in ability.

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Thanks for the info. I have 4200 DNA of Wearho. I will wait until having enought to create it and level at least 20/21. Then it will take a place in the team replacing my Outdated Touramoloch

@Delta Been levelling her up and asking dna on my beloved and generous Sand Dunes Alliance… But I don’t know why do I feel she not enough stronger and tougher to put her on my team. She was smached by other unique ones… Convince me to put her on my team hahahaha…

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I find her useful in situations where a final hit is needed, or you’re open to sacrifice a dino but still want your opponent to take damage. Whereabouts are in you in the arena? It could be that you’re a lot higher than me (I’m in Lockwood Ruins).