Carnotarkus is actually amazing!

When I first unlocked Carnotarkus I thought “Meh, its just a Purutaurus with a bit of armour” and having taken Puru to Lvl 21 I thought just keep Puru on the team and leave Carno by the wayside.


The 20% armour makes all the difference and even at Lvl 17 (5/5/4 boosted) it holds its own very well in a team where the rest of the average is 22 (all boosted of course)

As long as you get your shield up and play it correctly it is amazing.

It has taken down Erlidom, Tryko, Dilorach, Draco, tanks and is a good counter for half dead Thors as well.

Give your spiny cow some love people and it will love you back🤗Screenshot_20190628-100025


Mines at 17 currently and my Puru at 21 too. I haven’t swapped Puru with Carno yet because I haven’t got the boosts to get it up. But I was thinking once I put the boosts into it, which will probably be lvl 18 by then, I may swap it with my lvl 24 Stegod and have both Puru and Carno on the team for a while.

My Stegod is very tanky, but still doesn’t last long these days with munchers on teams.

The best time to set it up is actually once the rat has swapped in and killed.

Hope for the regen and throw your shield up. If the opponent tries to rat you again for example. If it does 3k damage it will only actually do 900 :ok_hand:


SpikeStrip is a wonderful Dino and one of my newest main team members! Mine is currently 20 but out of puru DNA!
And its Super Hybrid now so safe to level like crazy!


It could have been a great unique … but it is a legendary one and the norm (at least my norm) is that with the existence of the Boost only the unique must be created, evolved and boosted.

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For me the rule of thumb is only over level and boost end products, such a Uniques but also Super Hybrid legendary since they cant get future hybrids and thus waste the DNA.

In that I tell you the reason (until Ludia changes the “unwritten” norm and create super super hybrids) but the additional problem is that if a legendary is stronger than the uniques, it has a good chance of being nerfed or losing power. Anyway this has sometimes exceptions, for example, I do not understand why they have increased the power of MNonostegotops that was already excessive to be legendary.

Well super hybrid legendary can be as good as uniques at times, and with Monostego its made from the rare to find Mono DNA, so isn’t easy to level.

To be fair Monostego should be changed to unique.

@leylandlad97 Do you think it can hold his ground in the Library leveled and boosted up?

I suppose it depends what you are facing but I assume it what I have listed already but just higher level.

Mess about with it friendly battles and see what happens and whether it fits with your team. My aim has been to counter the likes of Thor so distraction or DoT is a must

Except for Utahsinoraptor. It’s just as beastly says it’s unique.


Thats true but Utahsino great moveset helps it. Critical impact, Instant Charge, Distraction and its pretty fast with high damage.

There is always an exception to every rule.

I’m still disappointed that it has the same health as Puru since the parent is wuerho, even if it is a bit better than Puru… it had a lot of potencial. I hope they buff dear Spiky Cow next patch.

Mine is at 16 right now (thanks to an insane combo of 10s in the fusion process), but I’ve still put it on my team anyway. I’d like to add this one to my team permanently, but I’m not sure I’ll find enough Wuerho DNA.

Good to know! Once boosted, I think it will have to take Stegod’s spot, even though it is of a lower level, just because that tank is now pretty underwhelming given all the chompers…

i have mine to level 20 but it has no boost. my team is 25-30 so i’m not going to add it and i’m not going to add any boost to it. maybe if i get it to 25 i’ll give it a try.