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Carnotarkus worth it?

Is carnotarkus worth creating now? I have limited gold & average team level is around 23.

no, it is obsolete removing its damage, the only thing that is worth it is the counterattack, which is not worth it in the meta

what do you mean unlimited money?

I’m not sure I understand what you meant by “what do you mean unlimited money” I said I have limited gold I meant I have other things I need gold for and not a lot of gold

I don’t understand what “limited gold” means to me “gold” is the currency of the game :joy:

my mistake, I read “unlimited” instead of “limited” :sweat_smile:

Lol :joy: I wish I had unlimited gold

If you’re willing to boost it, then totally. If you aren’t, then it’s still pretty good.

It beats Trykosaurus, Ardentismaxima (no crits), and both Indoraptors, which are still around for some reason. It’s also great at forcing Thors to waste their Instant Charge so they can be easily revenge-killed.
It also does well to decently well against Diorajasaur, Gemini, Grypolyth and a bunch of others.

Thyla, Grypo and alloraptor just do its job better

Check out this fat cow I have. ^


Wow that’s impressive!

Grypolyth is too slow, and it has trouble against Tryko (Tarkus beats Tryko regardless of speed). Alloraptor can’t be taken above 20 unless you don’t care about its eventual Unique.

Its still a good dino, meant to counter big HP hoarders, but it depends where you are at in the arena.
I would say that in high library/gyro, the max and trykos are big enough that regardless of how much hp boosts you put into it, he will get 2 shot, which makes him lose value in the long run.

Some time ago a person asked a topic with the same question and my answer remains the same. Tarkus is still viable and I don’t regret taking her to his 23 level!


Thyla is best rending in my opinion

Sorry if this is a small nitpick but changing genders?

Sorry for the mistake, sometimes Google Translate makes some strange changes and I try to correct it, although it gets even stranger.

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Love it


Such a beauty! :heart_eyes:

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