Yeah my Puru is lvl 21 and Carnotarkus is lvl 17. I won’t consider replacing Puru with Carno before it reaches the same lvl as its stats are the same.

Yeah the health is waaay too low. Could have been at least 4200, something like 4200-4800 would be ideal. As it is now, I don’t think it will be that relevant. That’s a shame, I really wanted to add it in my team :expressionless:

Everyones complaining that it’s stats are the same as Purutaurus But puru even post Nerf is still one of the best contenders I have and I will Very VERY happily add a second one to my team especially with some bonus armour too


Spiky cow… methinks not… it should be called * Razorback * instead lol :joy:
:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :joy:

true perhaps but for now its just a spiky cow with an * UDDER * problem entirely lol

I’ve been calling it SpikeStrip lol, those things Police chuck under the tires of those in high speed chases.

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Nah, it has horns, it’s fat like a cow, it’s a herbivore … and it lost the cleansing abilities from BOTH sides. At least let it clear distraction…