Carnotaurus DNA

Here is a little something that should be fairly simple to implement.

As the title subtly reveals, it’s about the Carnotaurus, an awesome dino that’s recently become treasured beyond measure. Its DNA is used for as many as three hybrids, out of at least two are very interesting. Except for the 240 DNA from Tuesday’s Carno boss, there’s only Fridays and whatever the sanctuaries can produced, and as far as I know, this availability has not been modified after the introduction of its new hybrids.

Simple suggestion: Please find the knob that controls Carnotaurus spawn frequency on Fridays and turn it up a few clicks.

Carnotaurus is probably the rarest in its class (rare, non-hybrid, non-event-only), with the possible exception of Irritator, which has no hybrids at all.

Please let us have some more Carnotaurus on Fridays.


I get loads of irritatiors, carnos not so much.

Another 6 mile walk and not a single Carno to be seen today.
Really disappointing

There are 2 simple solutions to this, and Ludia has done
it before, so there’s ni excuse to not do it.

1: Make Carno a Global or Local Spawn (preferably Global).
2: Make Daily Exclusives attracted by scents

See? Not a big ussue and it isn’t like Ludia can’t do it.

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Irritator has pyri and thus is a component for mag, so it does have a hybrid.


irritator has a hybrid. it has pyritatot which makes magna.

That must be pretty irritating

Seriously if Dilopho can come back to the map then so can Carno be a global all time spawn

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See what you did there

But yeah the 3 hybrids thing is getting out of hand (like everything else)

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