Carnotaurus Friday?!

Is there something I don’t know, because for the past few weeks, I’ve ran giga scents on Friday’s desperate to collect Carno seeing as it is creature of the day, in 6 hours today - I’ve seen 3!!! Surely they should spawn much more regularly than that? Yesterday, Gorgosaurus was dino of the day, and I saw absolutely loads of them…I don’t need them though. What’s going on, do daily dinos appear in giga scents or not?

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Giga scents dont attract daily dinos


And THAT would be a nice thing to change!


And that will be why I see none then! Thanks, I didn’t even know where to look for that info.

You did better than me, I saw one in 5hrs of gameplay :neutral_face:

I feel you, they’re definitely being much more stingy handing these out than the gorgo’s yesterday!!!

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Last week I found 2. This Friday I must’ve seen at least 11 despite not leaving the house all day. Jump to Saturday and I saw 2 echo all day/night. There’s no consistency to daily Dino spawns.

Scents don’t, but definitely should attract daily dinos.

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