Carnotaurus has been shafted


So having read the books… I feel like carnotaurus is nowhere near as good as it should be.

In The Lost World, the carnotaurus is the only dinosaur that has adaptive camouflage (it can cloak). It’s territory was actually avoided by the raptors, and even the tyrannosaurs because of this.

I am really impressed with the skin art on the carno, it looks gorgeous…but it just stinks it’s move set is so off.

If I could do a carno, it would look like:
Cleansing impact
Short protection

Minimal counter attack

Anyone else like the carno from the books and movies but feel like he just isn’t good enough to play?

Perhaps we could get a cool Gen 2 version?


Make the Carno gen2 an epic, and really buff it out!


I was coming up with concept arts for a few new dinosaurs, Carno will definitely be included! I was also debating on a veloci gen 2 simply for hybrids.


well, I just posted about that before…

but your idea can be great.
I think.


it’s a very famous dino. it will probably get an awesome hybrid at some point.


It’d be cool if he got a speed set-up skill since they were pretty fast I believe.