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Carnotaurus has to big of arms


While carnotaurus has toothpick arms she should really have nubs or no arms at all


tbh those arms are pretty cute

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My “appendix” is bigger than that!

No wonder this guy was the most beaten up dino in Fallen Kingdom :sweat:

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Carnotaurus arms should be even shorter like this

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Must be a Scavenger/vegetarian then … in which case, Carnataurus may not be the best name ?? that pic weirds me out for some reason, and I can’t explain why :man_facepalming:t4::man_shrugging:t4::joy:

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Looks like he’s gonna fall over


If your going toward realistic designs… this game is going to disappoint and carno isnt the biggest offender by a long shot.


cough “Spinosaurus” cough

(Though Dilophosaurus is a close second but at least in the game it has a semi-realistic skull shape… Unlike Jurassic Park).




I recently read that it’s thought Carno used those arms (which have an unusual degree of motion in the shoulder joints) as a mating display & was delighted. Imagine them waving those little tiny arms like a peacock spider! What a fantastic image.

And yes, the arms are too long, but quite a lot of renderings of Carno get that wrong. Tbh, the anatomically correct ones look so goofy. Their arms are darn near vestigular looking!


Imagine if they had like expandable skin folds on it, like an anole lizard dewlap making them even more peacock jumping spider like.

God I want someone to draw that now. :joy::joy::joy:

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My paleo art skills are still lacking, but I have so many ideas for fun dino art once I get my anatomy nailed down more. Carno behavior pics & dromaeosaurids courting with bird-like displays won’t leave my brain!

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