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Carnotaurus hybrid is coming

I really hope to see good hybrids with creatures that are for now useless in the next patch. What are your hybrid expeculations?


Well I expect proce , orni hybrid and maybe trago or stego unique :stuck_out_tongue:

Both stegod and tragod are super hybrid… it makes them unlikely to get a unique. To this point they havent given a super hybrid another hybrid.


Well I guess you haven’t heard that “Life finds a way”. So anything is possible :wink:




i came here assuming that you know a leak or something but no you just hope stuff. can you please change your title accordingly?


Every update, I expect Nodopatosaurus to get another hybrid.


I hope not, but simply from the practical standpoint. Dino1 to hybrid with dino 2 -> hybrid with dino 3 (superhybrid) -> hybrid of this with dino 4 (HolyGrindBatman)


Nodopatotitan is also a super hybrid. With the current evolution system he won’t get a hybrid

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And I think carnotaurus will get a hybrid. Also thinking monolometrodon and alankylosaurus will get uniques. Monomimus and dracocerotops have the potential for a unique as well cuz they arnt super hybrids

I had alot of hope 1.6 would bring a monomimus hybrid back when 1.5 launched… sadly with the amount of gali dna i seem to be receiving in every incubator i think thats less likely.

Once you start dumping dna in legendaries to get 10 dna fuses 5 times in a row then turn around and dump that 50 dna you just fused in 10 unique dna… you will really appreciate that super hybrids dont have hybrids.


The only thing that I have clear is that:

  1. All the common ones will have hybrids in future versions. That I remember there are only five that have no hybrid (Tany, Miragaia, Haztegopterix, Stygimoloch gen 2 and iguanodon) and there are already strong rumors for hybrids of two of them (iguanodon and haztegopterix) and mild rumors for another of them (Stygi gen 2 ). In contrast, there are still many rare without hybrids so it can still take a long time for all of them to have hybrid. Something similar happens with the epic, that there are still enough without hybrid so it is difficult to know who will hybrid future versions.

  2. They must leave powerful uniques equal or superior to the best current unique (Tryko, Utarnex, Erli, …) so top players must modify their team. The best candidates soon the legendary non-superhibited that have no hybrid (monomimus, monolometrodon and dracoceratops) plus those epic non-superhibited and that have no hybrid (brachio, blue, darwin, pteranodon, dilpodocus, spyno gen2, concavenator, koolasuchus, secondotosaurus) more those rare not superhybrid that are very powerful (I think basically in suchotator :slight_smile:

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Where is this rule about super hybrids not having any further hybrids? People say this, is it written somewhere? Did I miss a Ludia meeting? Because I never hear jack from Ludia aside from “don’t shame cheaters,” and “I’m sorry that happened to you, did you check your internet?”

Im hoping for a tank-unique, with argentinosaurus/brachio for example.
20% armor, but massive hp to counter armor piercing.

its no rule, it just hasnt happened so that rule was deducted

You shouldn’t title the topic with an affirmative statement when you actually don’t have any real information to share. It confuses people.


I want Carnoraptor so bad because it is one of my fav hybrids from JW the game. also it would be a legendary and possible be a fast counter attacker

I seriously hope Tany will get a hybrid at somepoint.

There is no such rule and it can be broken. In the same way there is no norm that says that there is no higher level than unique nor that to merge a creature only two creatures are necessary. What happens is that since there is no norm, we can only trust the known and that there is no higher level than unique, the superhybrid are final and to merge a new creature you always need two and only two previous creatures, although the three things can change.
By the way, as far as I know, there are no unique ones formed on the basis of two legendary ones. It would be another “pseudonorma” that can change, and this is, of the four, the one I see most likely to change one day.

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