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Carnotaurus needs to be a global spawn

This may be a bit preemptive, but I think it’s very warranted. There have been… rumors circulating that Indotaurus won the hybrid poll. While I’m disappointed in Ludia’s lack of information going into the poll - since I doubt Indotaurus would have won if we had known Carnotaurus was about to get another hybrid and two more superhybrids - the past is the past I guess, and a winner is a winner. And now it may likely be getting yet another hybrid, one that would require leveling it to 20 and 500 DNA per fuse. Meanwhile, Alankylosaurus has gone for almost three years without getting a hybrid, but I digress…

Still, the fact remains that Carnotaurus may soon have three hybrids, three superhybrids, and will probably be required to be leveled up to level 20 for one of them. That’s waaaay too high of a DNA requirement for ANY dino, much less one that only spawns one day a week and can’t be scented (though the raid does admittedly help, it’s not enough). At this point, the LEAST Ludia can do is make Carnotaurus a daily global spawn, so we can reasonably fulfill this DNA requirement. And in the future, Ludia, PLEASE stop giving more hybrids to dinos that already have plenty of them!


I also with you

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Tbh, I think it still would have won - most people playing this game aren’t looking for viable end game dinos, they’re looking for pretty or cool designs, and Indotaurus was very cool. That’s why it hurts not knowing the future of the Alankylo hybrid (which really should have been added without questioning, all things considered).

But on point, I agree with you 100%. This guy is basically the only dino my alliance members can’t fill requests for. I’m hoping that they’re planning on releasing a Carnotaurus Gen 2 for it.


Yeah I would actually take a Carno Gen 2 in this case :joy: I don’t blame people for voting for Indotaurus, it was a pretty cool design (and people seem to love everything Indominus). But knowing what was coming down the pipeline with Scorpius, I’m not sure Ludia should have made it an option in the first place.


Was about to say the same thing; they could always add a Carno G2.

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Should be local spawn actually. For local spawn, you can get a lot of rare DNAs in one month. For global spawn, probably you’ll only get the same amount of DNAs in a week as you can get from Friday now.

I’d take either one honestly, at least you have access to globals all the time so no one has to wait three months to work on any of Carnos hybrids


I just hope they add all the hybrids from the poll in the future anyways. They were all cool in their own way.


Make carno a global! It’s about time!

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#carnoneedstobeaglobalspawn !!!


Yes. We need a lot of carno dna so we should have him more often


How about made a carnotaurus gen 2 to make indotaurus and scorpios gen 2 then refund carnotaurus adn for player?

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Perhaps toro gets added

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That would be nice. Unfortunately, they’ve never retroactively changed a dinos ingredients before, at least not since the beta.

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I think a local spwan may not be enough for all of its hybrids. It goes into all scorps, and will get a 3rd hybrid.

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I’d prefer a carno gen 2 to go towards indotaurus
Because honestly it’s getting silly the amount of hybrids normal carno goes towards at the moment .

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Carno should stay as “exclusive” as it is now simply because everybody is grinding for it and the biggest grinders should be rewarded for a top tier dino. Just my two cents, i think good dinos should be hard to obtain.

You can hate me all you want for saying this but its the truth.

So because a dino is determined to be used for tons of things by the developers, making it inherently more valuable, they should remain scarce? I disagree, but it’s ok if that’s what you think. I’ve never been much of a fan of “exclusivity = better” anyway though; Ludia has a hard enough time enforcing that as it is.

My argument against dinos getting too many hybrids is that it automatically reduces the value of their other hybrids by default. We only have limited resources of each dino, so we have to choose which hybrids to focus on. This determines which dinos get brought up to team level, and therefore plays a role in setting the meta. For example, just look at the Woolly Mammoth hybrids: with Mammolania and Entelolania being as good as they are, who would use limited Mammoth DNA to bring Tsintamoth up to team level? With Scorpius Rex being as good as it is, Carnotarkus loses value. That doesn’t mean that Scorpius needs a nerf or that Tarkus is bad - only that Tarkus is the lesser of the two hybrids, so it’s made less frequently. Every new hybrid added only exacerbates this dilemma, stretching your DNA resources even thinner. With how scarce Carno DNA is, there’s no practical way for both Scorpius G3 and Indotaurus to both be meta; even if both are viable, the better of the two will be used far more often, because that’s all people will have. The least Ludia can do is make DNA less scarce, so that more hybrids can be feasibly made and enter the meta.


You are right