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Carnotaurus Special Raid

Since we currently have 5 creature which need alot of Carnotaurus Adn to make, I think the game needs some more ways for players to earn more Carnotaurus Adn, Iā€™m not talking about cash purchases here! I talk about things like tournaments! Here my idea:
The Special Carnotaurus Raid.

*The Boss*

Round 3
download (77)
Round 2
download (76)
Round 1
download (75)

*The Minion*

These Junior Minion just exist to make the battle more interesting :grin:
download (79)
download (78)

What do you think about that Admin?


My opinion rounds 1 and 2 need at least 1 non prioritize move

Health for minions are to high if you say the minions are level 6

All bosses legendary and up need stat boosts boss damage needs to be close to 2000 minion damage 1000 to 2000 the health for minions are to high if they were lvl 20 Iā€™d be fine but no to high