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Carnotaurus tip

I’m trying to get my first Scorpios Gen2 (since it’s the only one i can reasonably go for at my current level) and Carnotaurus is proving to be one hell of a limiting problem child
The game says it spawns on Fridays. Any tips on specific locations that Mr. Meat-eating bull tends to favor, like parks or stuff?

It doesn’t nest, and daily dinos are never attracted to scents, so it’s just Friday.

If you stay home more log in multiple times on Friday.

If you go out drive somewhere not too populated where pulling over is possible.

Really can’t help anymore other than spacing out feeding in the level 20 Sanctuary.


Friday came and went for me, and despite all my best efforts with scents, a grand total of zero Carnos on Carno day. Huzzah!

I’m pretty sure this is deliberate given the recent addition of Scorpios making its DNA more valuable. A similar thing has happened with Mono Gen2 which was once the most common Common for me and yet i’ve literally not seen one since the update. Thankfully i have a good stock of that one already prepared

hmm, imma say open rare or epic incubators,