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Why can’t we get more carnotaurus? Mine still level 6 :disappointed:

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Last night, my hunting grounds were littered with Carnotauri, they were at almost every stop i made.

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It’s one of my favorite theropods, but isn’t represented very powerfully in the game. Until they buff the Carno to where it can compete, or make a decent hybrid, mine will stay frozen at level 10.


No kidding mine is still a levrl 7.

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I feel you. I actually bring up carnotaurus in every post Ludia makes about this game.

Just look at this new flyer. EVERY rare in the game is better than carno.

The damage is horrible, even at level 10. 400-something? Seriously? This thing was a top-tier predator in the Southern hemisphere, the abelisaurs were analagous to the tyrannosaurs up north.

They should be represented more strongly, instead of being among the weakest in the game. Raja seems to be the strongest, but she’s an epic



I keep bugging them with:

I haven’t seen one since its event

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spawns like rabbits at night for me :+1:


I see a few now and again once the map changes to night mode but never enough.

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It’s a fantastic rendering, it’s my favorite dinosaur, and carnotaurus has one of the coolest scenes in the books.

I just want a good one.

As do we all. 20202020

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I agree the carno should be more involved. With a nice hybrid too like carno/tanya

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I imagine that the pyro carno hybrid from their other game will make an appearance - just hoping it has a better look to it.

I haven’t seen a carno since they originally had an event for it, at least in the UK that is.

I hadn’t seen any Carnos since their event until the 1.4 update. Literally the following morning I saw one in the car park at work. Was about to dart it but the map changed to dawn and it despawned. :disappointed:

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Tragic. I just saw they use carno on an image in the App Store to advertise the game.

Not cool. Make it look awesome then give it garbage stays and moves, then make it hard to find.

It’s a carno conspiracy.

Carnotaurus is underestimated in this game I think he should be at least a lot more stronger and there should be a Gen 2 of Carnotaurus as well as a trailer featuring Carnotaurus cuz Carnotaurus was literally in the movie and he fought T-Rex