Carryaway players in Apex raids

What do you guys think of carryaway players in Apex raids?

I don’t mean the low level players with proper dinos like base level/little boosted Tryostronix, Tuoramoloch, Thoradolosaur, Poukandactylus, Diorajasaur, Skoolasaurus etc which plays the significant role like Ready to Crush, Speed Acceleration, Group Shattering Impact, Group Distraction or Group Shield/Invincibility sheild, but the players who post a lengthy strat with likes of 5x5x5 (which otherwise takes 3x3X3 strat) which usually has 3 stronger dinos and 1 low level dino like level 10 Marsupial lion, Irritator, Eremotherium, Inostherium, etc., In my opinion, a level 15 Thylacotator or Irritator is somewhat ok to have, depending on the strat.

Well sometimes they get carried away, win Apex DNA’s and unlock the Apex at their lower level, which otherwise take a very long time for the normal players with proper dinos. When these players run PvP, they have a higher hand and win easily with their Apexes against the similar lower level players.

Do you think it’s a fairer way to play the game?


I don’t know about fair, but it’s certainly a smart way to win Apex DNA. Unfortunately, there isn’t really a fair in the game. It’s just about what you’re doing to make yourself stronger. So if it’s not illegal or against the game rules, fair enough for me. And I’m speaking as a person who hasn’t used this tactic. But hey, I might give it a shot!

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yet some big players are willing to spend extra time (extra rounds) to help those spoilt kids ruin their arena :yawning_face:
it sounded nice of them to do so but little do they know/care how thats ruining the arena for the lower levels


Use the apex in the arena from level 20. This should be done.


Though Hadros is easy to defeat with proper strategy, players like these are the ones, am talking about.
Assuming he’s able to unlock the Apex at level 15-17, he will be a nightmare to the players of his level.



One such strat with level 10 lionimage0-8

Its good that Ludia took care of the issue mentioned in this post, on its upcoming update.

RNG ten char