-Cascade of dropouts in most alliances (the reason)-

In a constant drip of abandonments that are bleeding many alliances that I know, most of them tell you that they abandon because… (exact words): "- I’m tired of waiting for a boost shuffle”.

Will this bleeding be stopped in time? Good players are lost every day.


The problem is that even with a boost reset or boost shuffle, it would only be a temporary fix as it would be the same issue in a month or two. They need to review the strategy. Once there are no more casual players why would the whale spend any money to battle the bot…


Kuski is the boss!! Listen to him Ludia!!


What they should do is automatically refund the boosts on a creature every time that Ludia changes something on it. This way they could still introduce new shiny broken creatures that will require players to buy boosts to equip them, yet would appear as fair by giving back the boosts allocated on a nerfed creature (that would be the decision of the player to boost it back if the change isn’t deemed big enough or not). The potential issue with this would be Ludia never changing released creatures and releasing new creatures on an even quicker pace…


Completely agree, it’s quite hard keeping people motivated when they are kicked in the ass daily and Ludia moves the goalposts every month. Big alliances will end up merging as the loss of good players seems to be unstoppable. Ludia is killing the hen that laid the golden eggs.


Yesss… this could accelerate even more the release of broken new dinos…

I firmly believe that the PERFECT SOLUTION would be to base the company’s profits on more aspects that do not give an advantage to the players. For example, “Fornite” earns millions and millions selling skins that do not give you any advantage.

If I were the CEO I think I could multiply the benefits without hurting the gameplay in a few months.

This way you could do a boost shuffle every 3 months, not so many broken creatures would come out that will be nerfed in a short time … in other words…The players would be happy and would buy more things … :slightly_smiling_face:


Long term players are leaving the game every day and the worst consequence is the fall of the alliances and that is what really keeps the game alive.
I have seen (sadly) already big alliances being dismantled.

I hope you are listening.


Ludia mentions in every update patch that they listens to the community and inspires on it. Now is the time to prove it with, at least, a “boost shuffle event”, which is the most successful solution in the short term.

But, to solve the experience of the casual player in the medium / long term, I think the strategy would have to be modified, for example, putting cosmetics on sale for dinosaurs, the profile, or a possible future avatar on the map, and other option are battle pass.


give us a boost shufle very 4 months.


I would pay for a pair of gloves for my Mortem!!


As much as I like this idea, I do not think that it will be that easy.
How about creatures that do not get changed but simply fall out of the meta because all the new OP creatures?
How about creatures that only are used to counter OP creatures?

I do have several fully boosted level 30 creatures sitting on my bench. Most of them have not been nerfed directly but still became obsolete in the current meta. Thor, for example, only is useless because of things like SR3 or Compy.


Yes. I remember when Thor was the biggest and baddest. Now he’s an easy kill with the right match up.


I know there are indirect nerfs . Ludia will never provide a full boost reset with every update. What I suggest is just a compromise and could be done on their side. A full boost reset with every update will never happen, even though that’s what should happen.

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And what is worse is that users never know when it is going to happen, not even if it is going to happen. Ideal for planning.

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Jugaba desde los inicios, pero lo deje el mes pasado. Esto se ha convertido en un modelo de negocio bastante rastrero con respeto 0 a los jugadores y como es logico hasta al mas devoto acaba cansado año tras año y parche tras parche. Lo unico que les interesa es el dinero, les importa poco el juego en general , la comunidad y en general todo lo que pongamos en el foro. Esto caera como siempre en el olvido como tantas otras cosas que ponen en el foro que acaba siendo al final un sitio al que venir a compartir las penas entre todos sobre este lamentable juego.


Translated from Spanish

I was playing from the beginning, but I quit last month. This has become a rather creeping business model with respect to the players and of course even the most devoted end up tired year after year and patch after patch. The only thing that interests them is money, they care little about the game in general, the community and in general everything we put in the forum. This will fall as always into oblivion like so many other things that they put in the forum that ends up being in the end a place to come to share the sorrows among all about this unfortunate game.

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a boost reset after every update will be lovely!

I would buy a skin recolor for my team of dinos!


So many games make from visual enhancement a great source of income. Exclusive model, fancy dress costumes, etc. That would be a harmless method of monetising the game without any impact on player’s experience.

It’s very sad that so many long term players are quitting the game. It seems to be happening in every alliance.
Current business model prevent players from “breathing”. It’s not easy to adapt or catch up with the new dominant creatures. And it’s not possible to build alternatives either. I wouldn’t mind testing alternative builds of teams with not so meta relevant creatures. But I cannot do so, when I have three full boosted dinos in the bench :pensive: