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Cash currency


How do you earn more cash without spending real money too much? Never seem to get much


Buy VIP, spend 2h a day spinning supply drops = 50 cash / day. You pay 10€, you get 1500~ cash / month. So VIP pays for itself; +you also get cash from the free incubator. Mostly i get at least 2 = 8 a day, 240 a month. I got a max cash / day spree so far so its rather easy to get if you have a couple of spinners nearby.

As a VIP you’ll also get deals left n right. Haven’t seen too much of them yet but hopefully cash deals so we can spend cash, not IRL money… Examples i’ve seen: 25.000 gold = 500 cash. They made a deal of it which gave you more gold for less cash, for example. They also did various dart / battery bundles (there used to be batteries), for example.

If you still want to spend money but not over the top: only buy the level and arena bundles. Every level up and arena up you will receive a special deal. Mostly contains stuff that equals 3x or 2x the value. So instead of having to spend 50€ you ‘only’ have to spend 25€ or 12€. That with VIP are probably the best ways to spend the least money / get best value.