Cash for Coins: Worth?

I’ve been playing this game fairly regularly for about a year now and I’ve noticed that I never, ever have anywhere near enough coins. On the rare occasions where I win a higher difficulty strike event that gives 8,000 coins or more, the bottomless pit that is my creature roster immediately consumes it. Of course, if I had more high level creatures I could win more coins, but leveling them up requires… coins. It’s a vicious cycle. You could give me 100,000 coins right now and it would still only barely put a dent in the creatures I want to level up.

With that in mind, I’ve been eyeing the 250,000 coins for 4,500 bucks in the shop but I wanted to check here to ask if that would be worth it? I don’t spend in game cash on anything so it’s just been piling up. Not sure what else I would spend it on. It’s extremely frustrating having a huge amount of DNA that I can’t use due to lack of coins.

Its worth it if you just need coins. Its the best deal out there. For DNA, Epic Scents are better. But the 4.5k cash to coins is definitely worth it.

i just use my cash for coins and nothing more and the true is only worth buy coins with cash anything else avoid

like incubators avoid buying them just use your cash for coins

in fairness… the lack of coins is something we all have to deal with… When u play some longer, the DNA is often not the problem for creating or leveling new dino’s, but coins are… That will allways stay like this, because this will give the game some life expectancy…

That being sad, Ludia is creating more new coin sinks faster and faster each update, and nerfing creatures where people invested heavily in, isn’t helping either… They sometimes have a so called coin-sale, which gives a (i believe) 30% more coins for the same price… The amount of new dino’s, mixed with the recent nerfs and no boost reshuffle would make a good moment for Ludia to have a coin sale soon… But we will never know if and when they will do that…

So bottomline, the green cash is only usefull for buying coins, or boosts… the incubators are never worth the value… so it is up to you if u want to wait for a coin sale, or just take the plunge when u need them the most.

If you can wait, they have big coin sales like 4500 cash for 350K coins and that you can buy for 10 times (if you have that much cash though). At the same time, just max out the coins from supply drops

Just reinforcing the fact that you should definitely wait until they have coin sales in the store and unload as much cash as you can into those sales. There was a crazy July 4th sale that you should’ve taken advantage of. I was able to stock up like 2 mil coins during that sale. Most I ever had, but again, it was gone in an instant. It’s freakin 250k coins to get a creature from 29 to 30 so… yeah. I would say ALWAYS spend cash on those coin sales. I buy boosts sometimes too. If you enjoy battling, using cash to open incubators quicker isn’t a bad idea. It’s cheaper to get boosts that way than to buy them in the store. Good Luck

sometimes i feel boost is more worth it