Cash for rating


After using the mailed link (in game) to rate the game, how long should we be waiting for compensation? Side note, it’s been 3 days after completing a couple free cash offers that also haven’t been awarded yet. :stuck_out_tongue:

Rate app on Googleplay

Same question. Have you heard anything from support or put a ticket in?


I did the rate for cash thing today, nothing has been added add of yet.


Not seen an option to submit a ticket in the app. Haven’t really looked for one elsewhere.


Whats the reward for rating app on googleplay? I’m not sure I get it…


Same here. Only been one day for me. Anyone?


Same for me. I did the rating and the ‘see what’s coming’ (something to that effect) & I got nothing.


I just got mine delivered to my in game inbox earlier today. I think I did the rating yesterday or the day before. It was 100 bucks.


I just got mine also, seems to be a 24hr delay. Mine was only 50 though.