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Cash In/Trade In Unused Stat Boost


For the players who do not want to use Stat Boost on their creatures I think it would be nice if we could “cash in” or “trade” them in towards something. Two obvious choices would be 1) Coins and 2) Hard Cash (in-game money)

I know that a similar option is used in Pokemon Go with the berries. You could use berries to catch pokemon easier or collect additional candy or slow creatures down that move a lot. Or if you didn’t want to do any of that, you could go to a gym and feed the berries to your pokemon or others in the gym and you would be rewarded with additional stardust.

Can something like this be implemented with the stat boost? They are just accumulating in my inventory that i cannot view without attempting to use them.

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You act like it’s taking up space. The complete opposite of POGO.

Also, if you trade in all your stat boosts or just don’t use them, then you are literally putting yourself at a disadvantage to those who will be. Stat boosts are here to stay and I doubt they’ll let you trade them in for any reason.

If I’m at a disadvantage for not using them already, why not be able to get something for them? You get something for using them.

I don’t care where my trophy count is. I just want to collect incubators.

As far as I act like it’s taking up space. It is different than pogo as far as limited quantities of space, true. But my point is that you can trade your berries in for something.

It’s not up to them how you use it, if you don’t use it fine, but they shouldn’t have to compensate you for not wanting it in the first place. That’s like getting a free gift and asking to return it for something else instead of just appreciating it.

Berries were free in pogo. You could use them or trade them in.

Well, as long as you don’t buy them in the shop, which why would you do that anyways if you don’t want to use them, boosts are also free. You accumulate them naturally just by playing.

Just like in pogo, you collect berries naturally by playing too but you can use them or trade them in.

But berries aren’t the same, you can just not use them and throw them away. Stat boosts on the other hand change the game and aren’t something you can just ignore and want to trade in.


Just give me this guys. He clearly doesn’t want them and it seems like having them will be upsetting to him.

You guys are acting like this would affect how you play. If Ludia let’s me trade in my stat boost for some coins or hard cash, how does this hurt you? Does it affect how you play? No.

“Oh no Phil is getting a small amount of coins for his unused stat boost”

I’m already at a disadvantage by choosing to not use them. So why not get a little something for them instead? You are at advantage with your 21 erlidomimus beating my 26 erlidomimus because of stat boost. I’ve invested a lot of time and coins to get mine 5 levels higher and all you’ve done is applied your free stat boost.

You can throw them away because they take up space in your inventory. Otherwise there’s no difference. They are both free and you can use them to your advantage if you wish.

Seriously, they shouldn’t have to compensate you for something you don’t want.

Can I just ask something regarding this comment. If you don’t want to use boosts, which is fine, then over the weeks, months etc that go by, you’ll end up facing players with full teams of boosted dinos in the arena.

So the question is, if you just want to collect incubators, how do you expect to get incubators in the arena?

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I wasn’t trying to imply it hurts me in anyway. I was just pointing out that stat boosts are free so long as you don’t by them in the store and accumulate them via other methods…

if you sort by stat: Attack, Speed, Health, the number of boosts you have appear at the top :smiley:

Since boosts are like leveling up a dino, I would not be against a purest wanting to trade in boosts for either a pittance of DNA or coins to allow them to easier level of their dinos “clean”.

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he is hoping that match making is going to work as intended and match you with similar strengthed teams.

I’m going to be very slow in re-upping my boosts. I want to see how it shakes out. of course I said that last time… That didn’t last long.

I’m so weak.

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It’s very frustrating and difficult. I’ve dropped from above 47xx to barely in 4k

Yeah, you dropped because you didn’t use the free boosts they handed you. It ain’t gonna get easier dude, it’s just gonna take even longer to get your incubators until you fizzle out entirely. Which, I guess if you want to be done with a game, that’s one way to do it.

Or just collect the creatures. That was what I wanted to do when the game originally released. I didn’t care to battle them, then I realized the incubators gave you more dna to collect creatures. That’s why I began to battle.