Cash links

Many thanks, am not on discord / social media, so rely on a screenshot of them to post them up.

Fridays: Https://


Saturday: Https://

Sunday: Https://

Monday: Https://

I know maintenance is still ongoing, not sure what time itll be activated but heres Tuesday’s for later:

Wednesday: Https://

Apologies for the delay, forgot about the gamepress one:

Youtuber ones will go up if/when i get sent them, or if someone else wants to do so.

Thursday: Https://

Still awaiting youtuber ones (someone feel free to message me a discord screenshot).


YouTuber links here:

$50 from YouTuber TheGamingBeaver (channel:

$50 from YouTuber Akamonte (channel:


Many thanks once again John.

Friday: Https://

Just a quick note, im @ a board game expo here tomorrow, so the link may be posted late unless i can take a few mins and get it done. Happy hunting guys.


Support their channels!

The Gaming Beaver: $50

Akamonte: $50


Newsletter: Ludia

Friday: Ludia

Saturday: Ludia


GamePress $50 link in the article: JWA Weekly Events Jun 15 to Jun 21: Jurassic World Dominion Pt 2 | Jurassic World Alive Wiki - GamePress

The Gaming Beaver:

(Oh now the link works fine on here :roll_eyes:) $50 Ludia


$50 Ludia

Friday: Ludia


$50 link in GamePress article: JWA Weekly Events Jun 22 to Jun 28: Jurassic World Dominion Pt 3 | Jurassic World Alive Wiki - GamePress


$50 Ludia


My apologies to all. Apparently in attempting to be helpful to another user re. the issues with the pass i broke a rule on divulging the contents of a conversation with ludia and was suspended (though others who did likewise didnt seem to have the same issue).

I will continue posting the links from later today (if someone can provide the youtuber ones from this week id be grateful). Im aware there is an issue with this weeks gamepress one so that may be delayed.

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The only ones that worked were the ones I posted 18 days ago. Either Ludia hasn’t given out new links to the Youtubers, Ludia is in the process of making new links, or the Youtubers keep forgetting to post the new ones on their videos.

Gamepress’s link still works though: JWA Weekly Events Jun 29 to Jul 5: Feathers and Fireworks | Jurassic World Alive Wiki - GamePress

OK and we are back in business:

Monday: Https://