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Cash links 30 cash 10 cash 10 cash


This article includes a 50 cash link:

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Does Beavers have the same link as GamePress?

I don’t think so. A cash link can be claimed just once.



I tried both but it says I already claimed it and I’m 100% certain I only used Beaver’s.

I think the Gamepress link is the same as the previous article which I did get, but because I used that link within the past week, I can’t claim the link in the new article.

Thank you for the Beaver link.

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It’s a new link in the GP article. It is the same as the GB link but I believe that was intended.


Really? Do you know why?

Loved the article and the good work y’all keep doing btw!

I don’t know why I just know we were to tell people it was intended if asked about it.

That’s really odd of Ludia to do. Thanks nonetheless!

Beavers link has GB usually so that’s a gamepress link for allbi know 10 cash 20 cash 200 cash 10 cash 20 cash 20 cash 10 cash

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A 50 cash link is in this article from GamePress: 10 cash 20 cash 20 cash 10 cash 20 cash

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50 cash link in this article, courtesy of GamePress and Ludia: 10 cash 10 cash 30 cash 150 cash 10 cash 10 cash 20 cash