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Cash money disappeared from my game last night

Last night before logging out of the game I had over fifteen hundred in cash bucks on this game. I was saving it so I could buy some stats when they came out. When I logged on today it was down to seven hundred. I’m very upset. Please check into it.

Hey there, @Pman, I’m sorry to hear that some of your in-game currency has disappeared. Reach out to our support team at so that they can take a closer look and figure out what might have happened! Remember to include your support key so that they can find you faster in their system.

Thank you guys so much for the response and the gift. This game is the greatest. I will be sure to include all info in future correspondence.

Same happened to me for 6000 hard cash while I was in airplane mode flying between Singapore/Hong Kong/Seattle. Ludia claimed I bought a bunch of useless incubators that I never opened and don’t recall opening. Somebody else benefitted. They never gave me anything but grief!