Cash reset

Can you do any thing ?

  1. i dont think i was given my cash back from boosting 1st set of dino’s

From reading various other posts on here, I’d assume Ludia’s support team is backlogged by about a month maybe. I’ve seen posts of 2-3 weeks with no response yet. With all the bugs and exploits from the latest update, I’m sure you will be waiting quite a while.

How do u just now notice your cash is missing, over a week later lol


I think I am missing some cash too now xD lmao :wink:

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I’m missing cash. I know where it is though, stupid boosts.

Hey Jimchesnutte, if you email our support team here at with your support key, our team could take a closer look for you. :slight_smile:

Thanks sent them the info.

Any information on the issue
Thanks jimmy

well dont look like i got bum to the top, still waiting for the missing cash from the reset of boost , lease do something to make it right,
thanks jimmy

i ve done all that requested and still have no results. please try and fix this , it has been almost a year ago

Hey Jimchesnutte, could you please send me a private message of your support key and the email address you used to contact our team?