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Casual Alliance Recruiting

With my casual return to Jurassic World Alive I have opened up recruitment for my super exclusive alliance, in fact its so exclusive that not only was i the only member for months, but we didn’t even get applications…who can compete with THAT eh?

Anyway shut up for a second, you see if you are tired of being without an alliance or being in an alliance that has all yhese strict rules where it makes the game feel like an occupation? Well do we have an offer for YOU!, Now you can join alongside myself, the proud owner of the world’s only JWA puppet show, and given the low puppet production value, that’s a good thing it’s the only one!

The only rule we have to join is that there are no rules, and yes I realise that is a paradox and makes no sense logically, so to prevent coming across as a crazy person…well more so…ill make an actual rule -

No cheating…that’s it, seriously dobt cheat, glitch, spoof or any other despicable thing because it’s harming your fellow players!

So if you are a casual and want a laid back alliance atmosphere and don’t mind your leader being completely insane then send an alliance join request in game.
Huh, what’s the alliance name? Ah I’m Glad You Asked…no really that’s the alliance name, Ahh I’m Glad You Asked!

Looking forward to seeing all those lovely join requests flowing in mates and ma’ams