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Casual Alliance Seeks New Members

The Dinosaur Hunter Alliance has gone from a casual alliance to an inactive alliance. We are purging inactive players this coming Sunday, and I’d like to add more active but casual players. We don’t chat much, and my only requirement is that you indicate each week that you are active by playing in the arena, playing in the tournament, or requesting DNA (or getting the highest in one of the alliance missions, too).

We have 5-6 daily players (who aren’t great about daily battle incubators), and 3-4 less frequent but active players now. I’d like to get up to rank 4-5 in the Alliance Missions, and consistently reach sanctuaries of level 7-8. Mostly I’d like to unlock the tournament incubators, and we could do that with just one or two more players who do the weekly tournaments. It would also be great to have alliance members who consistently request DNA so we can all get coins for donating.