Casual Collectors is Recruiting! (Level 15+)

Casual Collectors is Recruiting!

Hello fellow dino collectors! Our Alliance, Casual Collectors, is looking for a few higher level players(level 15+) to fill out some spots on our team!

We are a group of casual players that enjoy JWA for what its primary function is: a relaxing “collect them all” style game! We do not have strict requirements on our members and enjoy helping each other out over becoming a “competitive” Alliance. If you are looking to be HIGHLY competitive and get max rewards then this is NOT the Alliance for you. If you enjoy a more casual gaming playstyle, please review below!

We have an active Discord with all raid content currently on “farm” for that sweet sweet DNA! Joining Discord is NOT mandatory however we have a great time there and it’s the best way to guarantee you get in on the more difficult raids and start securing that DNA for yourself.

We typically get Rank 6 or 7 Alliance weekly incubator rewards and Rank 4 or 5 on the tournament incubator.(again…we are casual). With some higher level recruits we can increase these great DNA rewards a bit higher.

What we ask:

  • We ask that members be relatively active. We understand the balance between life, work, and mobile gaming so you are not at risk of being kicked out of the Alliance if you need to take some time off.

  • You will be high risk of losing member status if you have not logged in to the game for 2 weeks.

  • We ask that you get your 10 tournament take downs every week to contribute that decent chunk of alliance score to the tournament rewards. There’s some really good rewards being added to tournament content recently and we want everyone to be able to reap the benefits.

  • We ask that you be respectful to your teammates. We accept everyone from ALL walks of life and it’s this diversity that gives us our strength. Bigotry, harassment, and other forms of toxicity is not tolerated.

  • We ask that you TRY to focus on weekly alliance missions when able. Not strict here, but if you check the alliance mission tab and see that we are only missing Supply Drops to progress to the next rank…maybe spin a few drops if you have the time!

What you get:

  • Be a part of a friendly group of players that don’t take things too seriously and most importantly have a passion for dinosaurs.

  • Mid-rank incubators for both weekly alliance missions and tournaments. (We have room for improvement here by simply increasing participation even by a little bit!)

  • Discord: Raid strategies, PvP video recaps, sanctuary requests, funny memes/gifs, FREE DINO CASH LINKS!

  • Knowledgeable Alliance members who are happy to give advice and helpful tips to help you achieve what you are after.

Thank you for taking the time to consider joining the Casual Collectors!

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