Casual Freya Days recruiting

If you want to hunt 8 and 9 star alphas in a casual (but snazzy looking) clan, have a team of dragons with at least 4400 strength, have I got the clan for you! We have 3 spots open and want to fill them!

We have a friendly core group of players that have been part of Casual Freya Days from the first day that clans became part of the game. Our power levels range from the high 4400s to 7900s, and include both FTP and PTP players.

We have 2 simple rules, don’t be a jerk, hit the Alpha as often as you can. If your alpha score drops to zero, we assume that you aren’t playing anymore and boot you to make room.

But Ceph, I am going hiking and can’t play for a week!

We have your back. Let me know, and it’s cool. Life happens.

We just took down our second 9 star thanks to our dedicated players, so if that sounds fun, join us for the next big hunt!