Casual player and frustrated? Don’t be!

Hey all! I’m a very causal player that can’t do a lot of dna collecting but I love dinosaurs and the aesthetic of this game.

The arena is fun but as someone who can’t keep up it can be frustrating but try not to let it get you down!

I have clawed and dragged myself up to mid Sorna Marsha’s with a team of common and rares and only TWO legendaries. That’s right you heard me. And one of them is the bad one. I’ll let you guess which one rofl

Mid Sorna Marshes is flooded with FULL teams of legendaries. High level ones. And of course the guaranteed level 20 V.Raptor and high level Gorgosuchus.

These are devestating to fight and I tip my hat to the players that put the amount of work and dedication it takes to farm the DNA for those legendaries.

That being said I hold my position. Strategy works against these teams and you CAN beat them with rares and commons. Know when to swap. Use MetaHub to familiarize yourself with counters to nasty dinos like Stegodeus and Monostego. Immune dinos work very well in Sorna. As a casual player it’s hard to get legendaries but it’s a bit easier to work up those rares.

So shout out to those other casual players who grit their teeth for those oh so satisfying wins against a stacked deck! :joy::sauropod::t_rex:


Respect :+1:

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I’m in upper Jurassic Ruins and still have 2 commons and 1 epic on my team… So i can really identify with you!

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Curious about your team… can you show us?

Here you go, @Arnold! :smile:

Can’t upload image for some reason, but my team composition is as follows:

–> Allosaurus, level 26
–> Tanycolagreus, level 23
–> Gorgosuchus, level 23
–> Monomimus, level 20
–> I-Rex, level 20
–> Tragodistis, level 24
–> Stegodeus, level 25
–> Indoraptor, level 22

Yah! Any tips are appreciated by the way :t_rex:

My gorgo, Tany, and Sucho tend to carry me if I’m lucky. Love my Indom cause that level 20 is intimidating but he actually gets hit through dodge ALOT. We have a love hate relationship.

And I know I know my Monolometrodon is awful but he has an interesting niche in Sorna. I tend to use him to wittle down Paras and Stegodeuses.

I’m working towards a para of my own and I’m close to a Trag. Stegodeus is probably a month away for me if I’m lucky and can get out to farm. I JUST today met the hybrid level requirements to start on him so that’s exciting! I need a solid tank on my team

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I wish I had your lineup so bad

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Stegodeus is a game changer! Essential to climb arenas! Allosaurus is great, easy to level and a tank killer. Can take a lot of punishment because of high HP. At level 26, he has 4,500 HP! Could have team full of legendaries, but prefer higher level commons…

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Omg yes! I love using my allosaurus, especially against raptors.

No Deinocherious?? He’s my favorite common! But i’m still in the badlands, hovering between 2100 to 2300 trophy count. I can’t imagine parting with him lol! I get time to play, but not lots of different locations, so i’m glad to hear I can stay competitive without dropping lots of money and having to travel.

I am a very casual player that’s just here for the dinosaurs. No legendaries or uniques to speak of in my collection. I’m waffling between Badlands and Lockdown but don’t really care. Losing streak? Hey, I’m passing out incubators. Winning streak? People give me incubators.

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