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Casualsaurus Rex now recruiting!

Looking for a super relaxed alliance to hang out in? Not a fan of the battling mechanics, or just plain tired of it? More interested in just playing Jurassic Pokemon and collecting as many dinosaurs as you can?

Come and give Casualsaurus Rex a shot! This is a newly made, US based alliance seeking members who are active but who aren’t necessarily focused on every-day battling or arena championships. You can battle if you want, and to help unlock alliance rewards, but there is no requirement to do so. We encourage sharing DNA and sanctuaries, and are interested in trying out the raid battles for sweet PvE loot instead of constantly getting our butts kicked by all the Indoraptor gen 2s out there.

Come hang out and have some fun!

Still recruiting! Why not give us a shot if you’re looking for casual, friendly gameplay?

Can I get an invite. My keyboard in game is not showing up at all. Layzok#8001. Thanks.

Can my brother and I join u?,we’re very active players and trying to get the weekly incs as high as we can

@Layzok Invite sent!

@Relax0 Sure, everyone is welcome! I’ll need your full usernames if you want an invite sent, or just search for the alliance and request entry in game.