Cat in love

Capt Muffin is in love, I cant wait to see the mysterious Jamie and it’s owner

Muffins in love is the cutest thing ever!

They better not break his little kitty heart. :triumph:

Sadly I think that’s the direction it’s headed. Makes for better drama between Roy and MC. I’m not sure we’ll ever get to meet Jamie and their owner.

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Dont say that they are watching :sweat_smile:


I love you writers! You’re smart and perfect and you have great faces. Lovely faces with uh, eyes and like …noses?

:pray: Please be nice to Kitty!

:sweat_smile::rofl::joy::wink: can’t breathe

I do however think that if Roy does become an available match they will separate the Roy romance specifically for him and whatever counterpart

Capt Muffin hopefully gets their own route

Its just really odd swiping through the matches and finding his profile. Which I still do even though I have them all. Always :heart: them too. :woman_shrugging:

I can see that they wrote themselves into an awkward situation