Catch dinosaurs

how can you catch the dinosaurs standing in the middle of the arena is there anyone with a tip?

do you mean the dinos that spawn in the base of the strike towers?

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You unfortunately can’t unless u can luckily touch it without the strike event over powering the Dino. I’ve missed out on a few epics that spawned right smack in the middle of strike event towers

Three things to try.

If there is a Dino in an event SD and another Dino spawns there also: Get the event Dino on the capture screen then run away with out touching the screen to activate the dart. (lower left hand corner is the ‘run away arrow’) When you get back to the main screen the regular spawn Dino will appear before the event Dino. Rapidly tap the screen where it will appear, before it appears, and you can get it on the capture screen.

If the dino is trapped in a used strike tower:

Open your creature storage screen and select any Dino. Close that back to the main storage screen. Close the main storage screen and start tapping where the dino should appear. It will spawn a split second before the strike tower and you can get it on the capture screen. You may have to adjust where you are pointing the phone or maneuver around the SD so that the Dino will spawn where you can tap on it. DO NOT rotate just the screen, you have to adjust your position for this to work.

If it is a larger Dino you can try rotating around the SD and tapping on the Dino. Sometimes going up higher on the SD works, sometimes enough of the Dino sticks out so you can tap on it.

And… Sometime all of these fail miserably and you have to walk away frustrated.

EDIT: Pay attention to the screen after you tap. The graphics may be screwed up and it will appear you do not have the Dino when in fact, you do. If there is the launch option, hit it and see which Dino you grabbed.