Catching DNA on your own time


I have an idea:
Why not let us catch dino’s on the go. In a net or box or something, just by clicking on them. And then go for the DNA catch on a later moment. So you can all shoot them when you are at home. I don’t like the ‘fight’ when I’m in the middle of a busy place. I would like to do that in my own home. That also gives me something to look forward to, after a long day…


This would probably go better in the Suggestions section. :slight_smile:

I unfortunately would disagree with the suggestion, however. The build-out of that function seems very large and would need to consider additional storage of the information (likely server-side instead of device-side, to avoid hacking), and would probably not serve too many individuals. There would definitely be a limit on how many you could do that with, like five or something.

Buuut honestly I think the more common reason that might be given is that the game should be played in your own time and on-the-go. I dunno. :man_shrugging:


Changed it to another section. Thanks


I really agree with this as I find that there is some area where it is hard to stay still and catch a Dino and to use the drone when moving is so distracting


Yes, try cathing one when you walk your dog… just when you release your finger, the dog starts moving and pulls the leash and you dart bounces off. So frustrating :smile: