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What are some common catchphrases you say while playing JWA?

Recently I’ve started using one from my daughter’s favourite tv show, Shimmer and Shine:

Whenever I get an unexpected or very well timed crit I yell “BOOM Zharamay! First crit of the day!” And if I’m really feeling saucy I’ll continue with something like “Shimmer and Shine, Thor Rampage Devine!”

I’m sure there are others I spout off, but that is one that I say often and just got let loose on a killing blow, so I thought I’d share. What do you guys yell at your phone like a crazy person? :sweat_smile:


Let’s just say some of the things I yell would get flagged on the in game chat :joy:

But in all seriousness I am usually chanting “please dodge, please dodge” to my Indor or “are you kidding me?!” is a popular one as well.


I personally go with “wham bam thank you ma’am”


I go with “OMG I got something other than a 10” or “Stop giving me 10s!”
Also, there’s “Yes, I dodged!” and, “That’s a lotta damage!”


Yes, there are a few that I cannot utter here. My language has become much more colourful since starting this game.


“Really?”, “No!”, “Oh come on.”, “Ah finally.”


When my Indominus Rex gets a successful dodge, “winner winner, chicken dinner”!


I have a few:

When my dinos perform well at a crucial moment - “That’s my girl!”,
When my dinos don’t perform well at a crucial moment - “I hate this game!”,
When I unlock a new dino - “Hello sweetheart!” (said in the style of Animaniacs “Hello Nurse”),
When upgrading a dino - “There you go!”,
After getting a ridiculous number of 10s while fusing - “Enough of this!”.

Those are the ones that immediately spring to mind.


That reminds me…

When I come across an epic in the wild:


When my opponent uses Dracorex Gen 2 at the wrong time “Remember when I said I’d kill you last? I lied.”

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Damn you! , When my opponent swap in dracoce or Draco G2 :stuck_out_tongue:



I’m from California so…

My most oft used one is.

"you can pin a star on that one. "

At least most often used family friendly one.

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Is that when you swap to dracocera? :smile:


Ew, dracocera :face_vomiting:
Never used it or dg2.
Megalosuchus :ok_hand:t2:

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I say that too! Lando’s my favorite Star Wars character!

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This but with more swearing.

This too. Usually when Indom or Indoraptor wins me a match.


I was trying to keep it family friendly. It is usually much more colorful :joy:

More like “are you (fill in the blank ) kidding me?!”


I’m starting a crowd funding page to get you help …


I like to shout (in my head) BIG MONEY! BIG MONEY! when fusing. :slight_smile: